2006-2007 Southern Express 93 [14U]


Head Coach: Mike Thomas
Assistant Coach: Brian Brown
Assistant Coach:  Ron Woodworth



No. Name Home Town  Class
   Meredith Brown  Carterville, Illinois  2011
   Katelyn B.  Anna, Illinois  
   Kelsey C.    
   Adriel C.    
   Kasey Krough  DeSoto, Illinois  2011
   Lindsey Patterson  Anna, Illinois  2011
   Jayda Rendleman  Anna, Illinois  2010
   Julian Sroka  Sparta, Illinois  2011
   Mollie Thomas  Carterville, Illinois  2011
   Hannah Wood  Carterville, Illinois  2011
   Jamie Woodworth  Sparta, Illinois  2011


Date Tournament Location Place Photos
 March 24-25, 2007  USFA Joelton Spring Friendly  Joelton, Tennessee  2nd  
 April 20-22, 2007  Spring Fling II  Paris, Tennessee  1st  
 April 28-29, 2007  Battle on the Meramec  Arnold, Missouri  2nd  
 May 19-20, 2007  Dyersburg Friendly  Dyersburg, Tennessee  3rd  
 June 2-3, 2007  Rumble in the Valley  Terra Haute, Indiana  2nd  
 June 29-July 1, 2007  USFA Midwest Regional  Cape Girardeau, Missouri  1st  
 July 9-14, 2007  USFA Class B World Series  Panama City, Florida  5th  
 July 20-22, 2007  Last Bats  Newburgh, Indiana  4th